The WIRED Graveyard Book interview

Author: Neil Gaiman
Book: The Graveyard Book

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Mr. Mike I like this guy--family man, writer, and lover of graveyards.

message 2: by Migul

Migul Really cool book. I'm reading it!!

Jan Wicher Emmens I don't know. I really like some of his work, but his tone is rather conceited.

Sumner Wilson A child reared by the dead. Sort of sick. Shame on him.

Slugs Nineteen

Claire This book is sooooo good! i am listing to it on book on cd and he nararates it and it is super good. his voice is really good for this book,I think.

Susan (aka Just My Op) I enjoyed the book and enjoyed this video. One person thought his tone conceited, and I did not hear it that way, but we all respond differently. To the person who wrote "A child reared by the dead. Sort of sick. Shame on him." -- I am curious whether you read the book or are just offended by his story choice.

Tumelo It rocks my world.Wen you are writing another book and another CD?Its awesome and got someone out from reading this book and listening to the cd

Juliandra I totally agree with "message 6" left by Susan. I think some people are possibly so jaded and un-worldly, that as soon as they hear a British accent, they automatically think: conceited and stuck up.

I read this book as soon as it released in Canada. I loved every single page. I am a huge fan of Gaiman and this book just proved how much I adore his works. His works are so beautifully put together, that I always buy his novels/comics. I feel that with his age, has come that warm fatherly fuzzy love embedded in the dark-cornered DNA that we typically see Gaiman only to have dark(er) subject matter. I don't consider him dark, I consider him my own personal child book writer for the adult in me!

What a great interview! I am very appreciative to have come across it and am pleased to hear his inspirations and stories behind the making of this masterpiece.

DanAshleyW Listening to him reading the first few chapters encouraged me to buy the book - more authors should do this! (Plus I have a thing about Neil Gaiman's voice, his narrative voice gives stories a little something extra... :) )

message 10: by Amy

Amy im currently reading it... im so absorbed in it!!! Congrats, it's truly, really, really, amazing and ecxiting!!! what i want to know is;
1) Where DO you get those amazingly good ideas!!!???

message 11: by Pt

Pt Wallace With a tiny dash of H.P. Lovecraft is all you have to say Neil. Carry on good man, carry on.

message 12: by Lisa

Lisa Sounds so good, looking forward to reading this one, will move this up on my to read list.

message 13: by Agnes

Agnes Conway Sumner wrote: "A child reared by the dead. Sort of sick. Shame on him.

Slugs Nineteen"

Perhaps fantasy is not for you

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