Vanessa Diffenbaugh on THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS

Author: Vanessa Diffenbaugh
Book: The Language of Flowers

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Debut author Vanessa Diffenbaugh talks about her novel, THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS.

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writer... absolutely gorgeous, Vanessa!
i'm on the library's waiting list for it - still in processing - can hardly wait !!
thanks for sharing this lovely video post with us on it too ")

message 2: by Pat

Pat I've waited for weeks to get this book from the Library. I am listening on Audio and now after seeing this video, I think I will have to see about getting Kate Greenway's book.
I am enjoying the book so far.Next post when I finish!

message 3: by Pol4u

Pol4u Easley My sister-in-law is involved with youth homes and is involved in an organization that is near the Oakland, San Francisco area. I mentioned this book to her and said this would be good for others in the group to read. I do not know if she has been able to get it yet. I am still in the process of reading it. It is not a "page-turner summer-read, thinking. looking at the flowers, and digesting what is going on in the story makes it a good book to me .

message 4: by Kathy

Kathy Thank you for this great book. I listened to the audio. I am a foster parent and can relate to having a teenager who struggles with accepting love. I also am interested in learning more about the language Of flowers. Thank you

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