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Author: R.L. Stine

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Michelle Loved reading R.L. Stine books when I was growing up, they were always fun... and now my son enjoys reading them too.

message 2: by wjkb

wjkb R.L STINE is my favorite author ever!

message 3: by Shiro

Shiro Goosebumps is something I grew up with. I loved the stories as a kid and I love them even now.

message 5: by Susan

Susan What is a good age for kids to start reading these? I read one to my son when he was about 5-7 (cant remember) and he said it scared him and I shouldn't read them anymore, so I stopped. He is now 10, do you think its ok now? I plan to read them first so I know what they are about and then hand it off to him.

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