Book trailer: This Is How You Survive

Author: Lana Rafaela Cindric
Book: This Is How You Survive

With special thanks to everyone whose footage was used in the book trailer:

Aito, IG: @aitothemuffin
Sneha Baste
Jéssica, IG: jessrabello
Bethany Climpson, Twitter: tempestaurora
Lejla, IG: @skywalkerlex
Vasilijana Hadži Vasileva
Avery Cavazos, IG: @themidnightbruja
Anna, IG: @ananasmalacrida
Raven James Blackthorne
Luis Vicente, IG: @luisgoncalovicente
Natalia KoŁodziej
Sadie Abernathy,; IG: sadie_abernathy_
Colleen Dunlap,; Twitter: calling2Colleen


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