VSHOOD feat. Karolina Czarnecka - Chwytaj ten stan

Group: The Armchair Traveler's Club

I love the story told in this video ! Who would you shoot with the sonic blaster if you had the chance?

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message 1: by Ruth

Ruth Lyrics translated from lyricstranslate.com

Grab this state

Why this wrong thought tells you to turn down the bass?
If you turn it down - it will still remain inside us here.
Now don't occupy yourself with silence, no,
but feel this sound.
This sound will rock you.

In tones, my head
is dancing
to these sounds and these words.
My head is emerged
And my head isn't thinking, it's set in motion.
The bass that makes us moving sends emotions.
Reject thinking, now feel the rhythm on the stage.
Let it go through your body,
he doesn't know the word "sleep".
Grab the dance, feel the craziness.
In craziness, jump as if you were playing basketball.
In the depth of silence, the voice,
in those sounds, the power is hidden!

From my heart, I encourage you to increase the tempo, dance,
The tempo of speaking
The tempo is changing
It strangles boredom, it makes you jump up off your seat.
Wake up dreams,
Wake them up now,
Push away doubts,
Push them away now.

From my heart, I encourage you to increase the tempo, dance
I'm turning the tempo up
Feel these tempos
I'm turning the tempo up
I encourage to move
Feel these tempos
Grab this state

Grab this state

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