Bill of Rights for Bereaved Parents

Author: Jude Gibbs
Book: Gifts from the Ashes

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This was adapted by The Mighty from my original article: …more

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message 1: by Jude

Jude Gibbs My name is Jude Gibbs and I am the Author of 'Gifts from the Ashes'. The Mighty put together this brief video based on one of the many articles of mine which they had published after my Book was already completed.

My Book is available by calling 866-909-2665 (BOOK)

I am the author of this piece and using it, or any portion of it, without my written permission is against copyright law. Registration# TX 8-383-134

message 2: by Jude

Jude Gibbs May the reader find Hope in Jesus after the loss of a child.

message 3: by Jude

Jude Gibbs My Book (by Jude Gibbs): 'Gifts from the Ashes' is available at 866-909-2665.

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