Wayfaring - Poems By Tikuli

Author: Tikuli
Book: Wayfaring - Poems By Tikuli

Pre-release trailer of my second book of poems.

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Djelloul Marbrook One of Wayfaring‘s triumphs is to give us a collection that, like prayer beads, progresses not only to a way of responding to what befalls but a way of enhancing our observation of what we encounter. Wayfaring‘s strung poems integrate peripheral with head-on vision: the sidelong glance is not lost to central vision, and for that reason in her work we see through much better than human eyes, sometimes the way a circling hawk sees the inhabitants of a field or wood. But the poems don’t merely report, they imagine the songs of people and place. They move like a pavane from the forests of I to the seas of you to the heavens of they, no small feat for any poet.—Djelloul Marbrook, Arabesques-Edtions

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