Emotional Recovery from an Affair

Author: Richard Schwindt
Book: Emotional Recovery from an Affair: How You Both Move Forward

Practical help when you need it.

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Richard Schwindt The disclosure of adultery ignites a genuine emotional crisis which can tear couples and families apart. While there are excellent books on infidelity consider reading Emotional Recovery from an Affair first. Written by a working marital therapist it provides the immediate First Aid you need for the days and weeks after the disclosure, whether it has been voluntary or discovered. In addition to telling you what to expect, Emotional Recovery from an Affair positions readers to save their marriage should they chose to do so. This book helps with the most difficult questions:
What exactly is infidelity?
Why is the impact of infidelity so devastating?
Why did they do it (to us)?
Who do you tell about the infidelity?
Where do you get help?
How do you address problems in the marriage?
How do you manage the intensive emotions?
What do you tell the kids (young or adult)?
This is for the couple sitting in my office saying, "Help us!"

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