Emotional Recovery from Workplace Mobbing

Author: Richard Schwindt
Book: Emotional Recovery from Workplace Mobbing: A Guide for Targets and Their Supports

Practical help for targets of workplace mobbing.

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Richard Schwindt Workplace mobbing exacts a terrible emotional and physical toll on targets and those who love them. While most books on workplace bullying and mobbing focus on the dynamics of the abuse and advocacy, this book is dedicated to emotional healing. The author has been a working therapist for more than thirty years, experienced the harrowing effects of a workplace mobbing and, most importantly, has reached thousands of people in his articles, videos, website and practice to help them heal. Richard shows how to manage the out of control emotions; the anxiety, loss and trauma of a mobbing experience. He offers advice about on rebuilding relationships with family and loved ones. In addition he examines the pitfalls of seeking help for this misunderstood phenomenon. This is a must read for someone recovering from the nightmare that is workplace mobbing and for anyone watching their loved one struggle.

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