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Art of 4 Elements: Discover Alchemy through Poetry (Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Book #1).
Discover alchemy through poetry, Discover love through alchemy

The Art of Four Elements book is a collaboration of 4 artists: Nataša Pantović, Jason Lu, Jeni Caruana and Christine Cutajar created 120 poems and 120 photos, paintings, and drawings.

"Transforming the visible into words, and words into images, we stumbled upon the four elements, and upon each others’ expression of Love, Joy, Suffering, C…more

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Nataša Pantović Mod
for further ispiration please check the Publishers Website Poetry for You -

Nataša Pantović Mod
Female Logic or Negative Applications of Yin States of Consciousness
Applying the Laws of Quantum Physics to Philosophy Mother of all Sciences and acknowledging that Micro Cosmos is deeply connected to Macro Cosmos we acknowledge that...
Yin and Yang Consciousness States of Universe are NOT positive nor negative. There are only negative and positive applications of Yin and Yang states of consciousness within Yin and Yang charged environment.
Yin and Yang Consciousness States of Universe are not Positive nor Negative Alchemy of Love Books by Nataša Nuit Pantović
Each one of us, as a soul incarnated to experience different states of Consciousness Manifestations, tries to understand the positive applications of Yin (Intuitive) combined with Yang (Reason) states of Consciousness.
Applied together within what I call Alchemy of Love or Alchemy of Soul or Alchemy of Humanity these Forces direct us towards the implementation of Clear Ratio Guided by Intuitive Wisdom. This is the highest implementation of Intuitive (by definition Yin) Truth (by definition Yang) within Humanity's learning implemented so far.
“I” as an individual know nothing and “we” as “humanity” or “Universe” as an entity know IT ALL. The full application of Yin and Yang Positive Forces will take us to a number of enlightenment-s within many fields of Life.
Within Gaia, this amazing breathing ever-changing hermaphrodite environment, that is on Her own perfectly sufficient - Life flourished. Within her ever-changing atmosphere resonance is supreme. We as human beings at all times learn how to live within the Gaia’s environment.
Following the laws of Physics, observing Gaia’s ether / environment as energy we observe that It is at all times either positively charged or negatively charged. Within the quantum physic’s logic, these states are randomly distributed within the 50% - 50% ratio.
This greatly puzzled our ancestors and Chinese, for example, while researching this phenomenon, building their wisdom system, using both intuitive thought (that is an expression of Yin predominant states of Being within a female brain) and reason (that is an expression of Yang predominant states of Being within a male brain) have created the most amazing Calendars that listen to the heart-beat of Universe.

Nataša Pantović Mod
The Mystics of China
Chinese created I Ching that within its symbolism reflects the universe in miniature. The book is at the heart of Confucian thought and Taoism, but also a common tool amongst the fortune tellers that use it as a divination text and a roadside oracle. Longmei zi, early 13th century, depicts Qian and Kun.
The I Ching starts with the hexagrams Qian and Kun. Qian is heaven and Kun is earth. Qian (☰) and Kun (☷), the male and female principles.
When heaven and earth are born, the whole of creation comes into being. All the lines of Qian are masculine, its symbol is the dragon. Kun is earth. It is purely feminine. Earth creates the world and the whole of creation counts on it for nurture and growth. Kun is the female horse....

Jadranka Cuculovic we want a poetry evening in Belgrade pleeeaaase

Nataša Pantović Mod
Mystical Prayer Article by Natasa Pantovic poem What is spirituality and alchemy from Art of 4 Elements

Nataša Pantović Mod
Ama quotes please check: Ama Book Quotes
"Any substance, an alchemist would tell you, whatever it is, continued Ottavio, is what it appears to be, set just for a moment that is lost in eternity, by parameters of a given place, time, and given circumstances. Carbon could be graphite and diamond at the same time." Natasa Pantovic Nuit quote from A-Ma Alchemy of Love

Ama Book Quote about Alchemy and Evolution of Consciousness

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