Interview with Derek Landy - author of Skulduggery Pleasant

Author: Derek Landy

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Derek Landy answers the questions put to him by fans on the Skulduggery Pleasant bebo page...

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message 1: by Lydia

Lydia Perversius "Where do you get your ideas from?".Pffft,hahahahaha,that sounded so much like Scapegrace!!! XD

Louisa will there be a movie ?? i really hope so

and you said that there are nine books in total (are you writing more )
ive read all your books even the death bringer!waiting on the next book in march

message 3: by JP

JP Any plans for your books to be released in the USA soon? It's been very hard to get ahold of hardcovers across the ocean. There's either a long wait for books to be available stateside (got Desolation four months after release) OR the cost of the books is monumental. We love Skulduggery in the USA, as well.

message 4: by Carl

Carl Yes I have been wondering that as well.

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