Claire Messud discusses The Burning Girl

Author: Claire Messud
Book: The Burning Girl

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"The Burning Girl asks how well we can ever know our closest confidants and answers its own question with every refined page.” —Vanity Fair

Julia and Cassie have been friends since nursery school. They have shared everything, including their desire to escape the stifling limitations of their birthplace, the quiet town of Royston, Massachusetts. But as the two girls enter adolescence, their paths diverge and Cassie sets out on a journey that will put her life in danger and shatter her oldest frien…more

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Joseph She's right about that first friend and losing that first friend. I could save my best friend as Julie does Cassie and he eventually overdosed deep into adulthood when we hadn't spoken for years. But this book certainly captured that golden tweener/teener time that I hope everybody felt.

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