Broken Hearts

Author: Micalea Smeltzer
Book: Broken Hearts

After everything we’ve been through, I thought we could weather any storm.
But this is one thing neither of us ever saw coming.

Jace and Nova have learned to roll with the punches—they’ve had to. The last few years have been bliss-filled and better than they imagined, but they’re ready to take the next step.

The problem?

Life apparently has other plans.

Sometimes you have to fight for what you want, and for Jace and Nova they’ll have to battle this war together, or lose it all in the process.


emotion, love, romance, and sadness

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message 1: by Khed

Khed Hosine Sorry for my life I did not find compassion

message 2: by Khed

Khed Hosine Making films and stories from the invention of man and reality does not have the ability to change it

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