Vivian Amberville - Weaver of Odds Trailer 2

Author: Louise Blackwick
Book: The Weaver of Odds

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Meet Vivian Amberville - a traveller between realities with the power to reshape events.…more

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message 1: by Kassy

Kassy Quien just discovered your works. Love everything you do. Keep it up!

- a fan from the Netherlands

Louise Blackwick It's been two year since the second Vivian Amberville book trailer was released.

Filmed in the freezing colds of Alsace, France on a measly budget of 100$, and starring author Louise Blackwick herself, we could not have known back then that our silly labour of love would grow into a fantastic place of refuge for millions of our readers.

Nicknamed "the Harry Potter of the Netherlands", Vivian Amberville is an English-written, critically-acclaimed and bestselling philosophical fantasy book series. It follows the adventures of an orphaned British girl who uncovers her imagination can actively control circumstances and reshape the fabric of reality.

"The Book of Chaos" - the second instalment in the Vivian Amberville series is due for international bookstores and libraries in late 2019. Learn more by visiting our website:

Follow news about Blackwick's freebies and upcoming stories on her official website:

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message 3: by Mira

Mira Winerette great fan of your work!

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