Gift: Living Inside Out

Author: Tim Ewell
Book: Gift: Living Inside Out

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message 1: by Tim

Tim Ewell Life is ever changing like the weather. On our life’s journey we’ll travel through seasons of good times, and not so good times, and even abrupt unexpected circumstances. In Tim Ewell’s new book “Gift,” he shares a personal story of his journey through life threatening incurable kidney disease. During the journey, immersed in the midst of a tough life season, Tim discovered a new vision for a better life. Through a series of miraculous circumstances, Tim learned how to gain a new perspective for his life, and how to heal on multiple levels from the inside out. Because of the “Gift,” Tim’s life-threatening disease is gone forever. His life is an inspiration for others going through tough life seasons and provides deeper meaning and appreciation for those good life seasons.

Through this story, the reader learns how to better equip himself or herself with a positive life outlook, and also how to mentally prepare themselves and conquer those tough life seasons we will all encounter. Through faith in God, discovering a new life vision, and a creating a life priority list, Tim learned how to live a deeper more meaningful and purpose driven life.

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