The Glass Castle (2017) Official Trailer

Author: Jeannette Walls
Book: The Glass Castle

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What's your favorite true story about the power of family?

The Glass Castle In theaters August 11. Starring Brie Larson, Woody Harrelson, Naomi Watts, Max Greenfield, Sarah Snook, and Robin Bartlett. Based on the best-selling memoir by Jeannette Walls.…more

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message 1: by Joni

Joni Cormier A favorite book, looking forward to the movie!

message 2: by Nancy

Nancy Cupp The Glass Castle is one of my all-time favorite books. It is being made into a movie and the trailer made me sob. I have the book on my coffee table and each time I see it, new emotions well up inside.
Very well written, the story (memoir) is incredible and will keep you turning pages. Jeannette Walls has also written Half-Broke Horses, which is the story that comes before The Glass Castle. Read The Glass Castle first, then you will need to read Half-Broke Horses.

Candice Hope I just finished this book. It had been sitting on my shelf and on a whim I grabbed it. I was blown away it was so good. I had no idea a movie was coming. I am so excited!!! The trailer looks fantastic!

Teneba Sogah Any true story about the power of family.

message 5: by Laura

Laura Mignott Family is what lifts you up in the good times and the tough times. Looking forward to seeing this film

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* I've had this book to read for awhile - guess I need to get to reading it soon

message 7: by Mike

Mike Wolpert When all the nonsense fades away, all we have is family and the stories we tell ourselves. I love this - will be happy to see the full film! With Hollywood so focused on spacial effects that go boom, it will be nice to sink into something meaningful

message 8: by Bob

Bob Atari Wow... That is quite the trailer. 1st off, Woody Harrelson is wildly underrated as an actor & this is a role that should earn him an Oscar nom. I'm for sure seeing this movie, it hits a ton of notes for me personally. I'm sure others feel the same way.

Every family is unique & as this trailer shows, even when we think we're so different than our parents, we're really just an altered version of them. And most importantly, there's nothing wrong with that.

I took care of my dad for 2 decades until his last breath, so in regards to the above question: "What's your favorite true story about the power of family" - There are so many stories it's hard to pick one, but I think the strongest power is the one that's everlasting. Even after our parents are gone, they still have an influence over our lives. We still ask them questions, we still wonder what they would do in a situation, we still seek their advice & approval. That's the power of family...

Leslie I read this book as soon I found out it was becoming a movie. Can't wait to see it! I just hope it's as good as the book, which I love. ('course that's what all readers wish, huh?

Antoinette Truglio I read this powerful book and was riveted. Can't wait to see the movie.

message 11: by Nadia

Nadia Kirgan If you read this book, you must also read Half Broke Horses which gives background on her mother. I may re-read this book.

message 12: by Marilyn

Marilyn Cant wait to see the movie the book was great!

message 13: by Suzie

Suzie Carter Such a powerful story and to think that it is true, makes me wonder
What makes a survivor?

message 14: by Rhonda

Rhonda Sarah Morgan The Civil War Diary Of A Southern Woman by Sarah Morgan Dawson is my favorite true account of a family.

message 15: by Brooke

Brooke Smith My favorite true story about the power of family is A Long Way Home: A Memoir by Saroo Brierley. Saroo does an excellent job describing his accounts as a child and how family is much more than just a group of people who live together. Family is what brings you back home.

message 16: by Book

Book Worm By far the best crafed true account of growing up for me is 'Living in a house on fire', remarkable book. I may have to give The Glass Castle room on the tbr pile. Your reviews have sold it.

Katherine Krige The Glass Castle was a brilliant book of overcoming a difficult childhood and still seeing the positive in the world. Loved it.

message 18: by Margo

Margo The Glass Castle of course!

message 19: by Jenny

Jenny Belk A Child Called It, though disturbing in content was a teacher of empathy and compassion. I also loved The Glass Castle and Half Broke Horses. Looking forward to The Glass House movie.

message 20: by Linda

Linda The Glass Castle

message 21: by Julie

Julie The glass castle

message 22: by Bob (last edited Aug 01, 2017 04:14AM)

Bob The Liars' Club ranks highest in my favorite "power of family" memoirs. Mary Karr's voice can be acerbic, bold, vulnerable, and funny at the same time. She made me recognize how compelling the memoir form could be. I recently read The Glass Castle and rank Jeannette Walls' "power of family" memoir writing quite high. I'm eager to see The Class Castle in cinematic form.

message 23: by Mindy

Mindy Most recent favorite memoirs: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. Sting-Ray Afternoons by Steve Rushin.

message 24: by Maggie

Maggie Galardi Vampire Diaries -Damon and Stafen they are brothers

message 25: by Stacy

Stacy Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt, and Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance.

message 26: by Ann

Ann Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichl.

message 27: by Cheri

Cheri The Glass Castle and Angela's Ashes

message 28: by Mary

Mary One of my favorite genres! Of course The Glass Castle and Angela's Ashes and recently The Mockingbird Next Door, Life with Harper Lee by Marja Mills and from a few years ago My Life in France by Julia Child.

message 29: by Beth

Beth Hommes I'm enjoying Born a Crime. Another excellent memoir is Shoedog, about the founder of Nike. That one is not a "family" story but it's still a great read.

message 30: by Shellie

Shellie Blum My memoir has 143 out of 152 Five star reviews on Amazon. People I can convince to read it are getting the message. You don't have to be a waterskier to enjoy my memoir. Waterski Girl Wonder: A Journey of Perseverance.

message 31: by Dan (last edited Aug 03, 2017 07:30AM)

Dan Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt and On Writing by Stephen King

message 32: by Carol

Carol It Started with Dracula, The Count, My Mother and MeIt Started with Dracula: The Count, My Mother, and Me A wonderful read, heart-breaking and joyous.

message 33: by Nancy

Nancy Bortz Favorite Memoir, JUST KIDS by Patti Smith.

message 34: by Kathy

Kathy My Sister's Mother

message 35: by J.S. (last edited Aug 03, 2017 03:03PM)

J.S. The Invisible Wall A Love Story That Broke Barriers by Harry Bernstein
The Invisible Wall by Harry Bernstein, written when he was 93 years old.

message 36: by Sharon

Sharon Vitale The Glass Castle and Maude

message 37: by Ejs (last edited Aug 03, 2017 03:57PM)

Ejs "The Prince of Frogtown" Rick Bragg/ "Half Broke Horses" was pretty great.. "Angela's Ashes" "THe Glass Castle" "At Home in the Heart of Appalachia"

message 38: by Taytay

Taytay Garrison The glass castlen

message 39: by Meg

Meg The Glass Castle

message 40: by Meg

Meg A chair for my mother

message 41: by Jason

Jason Bergman There's only one proper answer: Geek Love

message 42: by Maybaby

Maybaby My Father, the Pornographer: A Memoir by Chris Offutt

Laetitia I would not say that it is necessarily my favorite, only because it hits too close to home, but "Everything I Never Told You" is excellent.

message 44: by Lynne

Lynne So, so many ... but what pops to mind today is Joyce Carol Oates', "We Were the Mulvaneys."

Maria Mercedes Cheaper by the Dozen by Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey

message 46: by Bev

Bev The Glass Castle & The Color of Water

message 47: by Debbie (last edited Aug 06, 2017 08:12PM)

Debbie Simpson Its memorable because its my family's story, a story we never imagined having to face but one we held each other up through, focusing on each step forward until we reached what doctors never initially imagined. The Syrup Maze: An Inspirational Journey Through Recovery From a Traumatic Brain Injury

message 48: by Jane

Jane Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng.

message 49: by Suzanne

Suzanne The Clancys of Queens by Tara Clancy.

message 50: by Mattie

Mattie The Color of Water by James McBride

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