The Hunger Games

Author: Suzanne Collins
Book: The Hunger Games

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message 1: by [deleted user]

I loved this book- can't wait for the second one!!

message 2: by Cathy

Cathy I can completely see this becoming a movie... unfortunately every time a book becomes a movie, the purity of the book is changed. I'm glad its only a trailer for the book and not the movie... although if there is a movie you better have a hand in it Suzanne.

message 3: by Grace

Grace ...if there is a movie you better have a hand in it Suzanne"

Suzanne Collins is at least writing the first draft of the movie (after she finishes the 3rd book!), she talks about it in the last part of this interview thing:

message 4: by Tania (last edited Sep 15, 2009 12:09PM)

Tania Read the first book in one day, the second one in one day...can't wait for the third one. I agree, I can see this becoming a movie.

message 5: by Katie

Katie Romrell I'm in line to read the 2nd, but the first was so good, that so is every else!

Austin I loved the first book, so far Its my second favorite book I'm about a quater of the way through the second book. I love how the books arte writen in first person it a nice change. It breaks the usale droning on of a book. I cant wait for the third book to come out. I am so anxious, I wonder whats in store store for katniss.

Autumn Thetford There is a list of students at our school waiting to read this book. It has grabbed us!

message 8: by Emma

Emma Such a good and exciting book, i want to read the second really bad! Can't wait + i think that this would make an exceptional movie and i would watch it for sure

Farhiya Ali wow both books are really good, and yh it would make a awsome movie i would soo want to see.
i cant wait for the 3 book to comeout.

message 10: by Trevor

Trevor Henson I LOVED THIS BOOOOOOKKKKK!!!!!!!!!

message 11: by Schen

Schen My fav book eva

c.l.a.i.r.e :D argh it doesnt loaddd but i lovv the book :)

message 13: by Andy

Andy Jones sounds a bit like battle royale to me

Sounds good!

Jessica H. I LOVE this book. Best book I've ever read. I can't wait for the third one! I just hope the movie isn't terribly morbid. Since the book is a little gory, but if it turns intoi a movie I WANT to see it. And Suzanne you better not let those movie makers change the book to much for the movie.

message 15: by Fiona

Fiona i hate the hunger games. percy jackson is better

message 16: by Fiona

Fiona it is STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gwenyvyre This is in my top 10 list of favorite books!!! Read before you die!!!

message 19: by Jazmine

Jazmine I LUV DIS BOOOOOK i cant w8 for the 3rd one MOKINGJAY!!

message 20: by Elysia

Elysia Kerslake i wish thresh didn't die, he could of been a realy good character :( him and rue are the best. :)

love the book!

message 21: by AJ

AJ What a couple of spell-binding books. Too bad Suzanne didn't release all three as one novel. I just found the books two weeks ago, and they were FAST reads - now I can't wait until the end of August for Mockingjay!! These are good reads for any age!

Rameela (Star) Those books were amazing!!!! I guess time flies when ur having fun... cuz that was fast reading!!!

message 23: by Alyssa

Alyssa I love the book but not this video!

message 24: by Posie

Posie This book is ahhhmazing. I can't wait for the third one!

message 25: by [deleted user]

Liberty wrote: "Wow,what a video!...speechless..."

...... (sigh) same here.

message 26: by Megan


message 27: by Connor

Connor Thomas come on that was the lamest video i ever saw i liked the book but wtf is this

SAAVEDRA GURL*Bored* i haven't read the book yet but all my friends say it is a very good book!!!

message 29: by Julie

Julie S. No movie, please. Don't ruin The Hunger Games.

message 30: by Luke

Luke 0↨_*єℓ∂єя*_↨2 wrote: "This is Awesome can I play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

come on lets play

message 31: by Luke

Luke creepy

message 32: by Talia

Talia This video makes it sound creepier than it actually is. I love this book and the second one, though!

Maddie I LOVE it! Cant wait til the movie comes out!!!!!!!!

Suzanne Collins this is Suzanne Collins not me

Maddie Talia wrote: "This video makes it sound creepier than it actually is. I love this book and the second one, though!"

I love the books too!

Skittles best book in the netire world!

Nanacreampie It's an amazing book but the trailer makes it so dramatic!!!

ɐzzıɹʞ Hunger Games Trilogy is the BEST!!!

message 38: by Shelley

Shelley 6th Hey cody

message 39: by Shelley

Shelley 6th HEY

message 40: by Shelley

Shelley 6th i like you shirt

message 41: by Shelley

Shelley 6th rite back at cha

message 42: by Shelley

Shelley 6th YOur underware is awsome

message 43: by Shelley

Shelley 6th thanks you to thoes spider man is pritty intence

message 44: by Leah

better than percy jackson if u ask me.
read the whole trilogy. i want more =]
dont u?

message 45: by Paige

Paige I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES SERIES!!! best books ever. Go Gale, Finnick, and Cinna!

Elizabeth I love that video. Too bad it is not movie advertising.

message 47: by Marc

Marc Kohlman A friend of mine had read this book and liked it, and my former high school librarian suggested it for book club. It looks really good, I'll pick it up sometime.

message 48: by Kerissa

Kerissa this book is great but this video isn't!!!

message 49: by Alannah

Alannah all three books are awesome! I can't wait for a movie!

message 50: by Alannah

Alannah Go team PEETA!

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