Interview with Karen Essex

Author: Karen Essex
Book: Stealing Athena

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message 1: by Frank

Frank Lewis Dear Karen: I enjoyed your vidio and thought it was great.

I am writing a series of books begining 1n 1835. They are ficitionalized Historical Novels. Number one in the series is Frontier Justice - 1835. It follows two peoples adventures as they cross from Independence, Missouari up the Santa Fe trail, across the dangerous Indian Nations Territory into what was then Mexico and to Santa Fe. Billy (soon to be Caleb) was 15 years old and had to leave Independence in a hurry one step ahead of the Sheriff.

Polly was a young woman in her late twenties who as the last survivor of a wagon train attacked by white renegades, was rescued by Caleb.

My books are available on Amazon in Books under Frank W. Lewis. Should you care to take a chnace on this book and read it and you not care for it just call me at 775 772 1374 and I will refund you cost in full and you can tell me why or not it wont't matter. This is just for fun and to get aquinted. And Don't worry I am almost 80 years old so you are are compoletely safe with me.

Then there is Maria - 1835 -1836. You might have difficulty with her. She is 15 also when the novel begins and her Hidagal father had affianced her to a distant cousin she had never met old enough to be her father who had already been through several wives and had children old enough to be her mother and she was fighting it so her father sent her to a school run by nuns who were supposed to straightne out waward girls. That's when her problems really began.

God reding, Frank W. Lewis.

message 2: by Leigh

Leigh MacCallum Dear Karen,

I too enjoyed the video, as well as the message it carries about the neglect strong women have had in the telling of history throughout the ages. I have attempted to include strong women in my novels, although, with the exception of Clann, my current undertaking, there is little about the tremendously important role of women in history.

Clann, Irish for "family," deals with a number of strong female characters, including Aednat, an Irish Catholic woman raped by her Protestant landlord, and Sinead, the product of that tragedy. After the Great Famine, the two make their way to America, where they manage to build — through great adversity, of course — successful new lives.

My novel Cipher deals with Mexican history, especially that surrounding the Maya. Medusa is a modern adaptation of the mythological woman who is known for turning men to stone (mine coats them in concrete.)

I look forward to reading your work, and I sincerely hope you will look into mine. It is refreshing to find such an avid lover of history!

Best always,

Leigh MacCallum

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