Bernard Braden interviews Quentin Crisp (1968)

Author: Quentin Crisp

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message 1: by Chuck (last edited Feb 21, 2013 03:25PM)

Chuck Lantz I'm not sure where this belongs, but years ago I heard a Quentin Crisp quotation - I think it may have been from the TV production of the Naked Civil Servant - but I can't find it in any online searches. The quote is "Everything we do is our fault, but that's not our fault."

I know for a fact that Crisp said it, since, believe it or not, I once spoke with him by phone after hearing that he was publically listed in the NY phone book, by design, simply because he enjoyed calls from total strangers. So, I called his number, and he answered, and we spoke for over an hour.

During the conversation I mentioned that that was my favorite quote, but I wasn't sure I understood it completely. He explained what he'd meant by it, thereby verifying that he'd said it.

Can anyone help find the quote?

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