Emma Hides Books on the London Underground

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Emma Watson hides copies of the book Mom & Me & Mom on the London Underground in partnership with #BooksontheUnderground


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JiaYee You're such an inspiration ❤

Pandlakalyan π Ƀ Hello Message received Ƀ :) :)

message 3: by İbrahim (last edited Dec 05, 2016 08:56AM)

İbrahim Duner Hi EMMA :)
Today is the anniversary of the election rights of the Women of Turkey. I think that this is respectable. We are happy if you share this in your own blog. :))

message 4: by Jayce

Jayce I love the idea of hiding the books again after reading. That would make a great way to give for the holidays (or re-gift, rather)!

Rathika Sudhakar I think you are fond this book

message 6: by Manon

Manon I wish I lived close to London I would be dedicated to find the book!

message 7: by Mika

Mika Dearest Emma,
I think you're amazing, I wanted to let know know. You are an inspiration to all. Thank you for being you. One doesn't find that as often as I would hope.
xx, Mika

message 8: by Joel

Joel :-)

message 9: by J

J Have you thought of adding the books to bookcrossing.com?

message 10: by Andrey

Andrey Svintsov Dear friend, Emma, I admire your work and creativity.

message 11: by Andrey

Andrey Svintsov In friendship there is no other calculations or considerations, except her.
Montaigne M.

message 12: by Andrey

Andrey Svintsov A brother may not be a friend, but a friend is always a brother.
Benjamin Franklin

message 13: by Andrey

Andrey Svintsov In fact, young people now very few reading books. Emma, my dear friend, what you're doing is priceless.

message 14: by Andrey

Andrey Svintsov Emma, my good friend, I am very happy to be here.

message 15: by Andrey

Andrey Svintsov Friendship, true friendship, knows no boundaries, age, gender, race, etc.

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Andrey Svintsov Friendship can roll mountains. In friendship there are no other calculations and considerations than she herself.

Ross Ann Velasco When I saw this, I was really thrilled. I'm inspired to do the same after reading a book. :)

Loredana This is amazing, I wish more people did this especially living in a world surrounded by technology. I carry a book with me everywhere I go, and I have noticed not that many people do the same. Instead of everyone being glued to their phones, they should be glued to a really good book.

message 19: by Andrey

Andrey Svintsov Only when I'll know I did everything I could to help the man I consider to be my loyal and trusted friend I'll be satisfied. Even if this person does not know that I consider him my best friend.

message 20: by Gigi

Gigi My daughter loves you and keeps saying, "OH MY GOD, IT'S EMMA WATSON!!!!!!!!!

message 21: by Gigi

Gigi Hi, I'm Gigi's daughter and I love you!!!!!!!!!! Please, please, please tell me how to be an actor!!!!! You've inspired me to be one!!!!

message 22: by Gigi

Gigi Oh and my name is Jenna

Michelle Krabinz What a wonderful idea! I was looking for your books, Emma, when I visited London, but I must have missed the right spots. Anyway, it's a great way of sharing literature and will hopefully inspire others to do the same. It would be fantastic if people would sit on the train with a good book, rather than being hypnotised by their phones.

Gilgamesha I wish she does this again when I am visiting in second week of April.....I love her :)

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