Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie: The Subject of Language

Author: Quee Nelson

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Karen L. I love these guys!

message 2: by Jim

Jim The Fry & Laurie shows were outstanding; equal in hysterics to Python

Deborah I love words and language; and these guys got both of them in great form!

Heather OMG !!!! I am so very much in love with Fry & Laurie !I pity those who think only of House when they think of Hugh Laurie ... (sigh) Think I need to toss in my dvd's of Jeeves & Wooster ... :)

message 5: by Resa

Resa That was hilarious! I love Hugh Laurie. XD

Hastingsp finally watched this! they are funny, funny....i'll have to check out more of these....i'm thinking of sending this one to Mr. D., hs English teacher, he'll love it....

message 7: by Natya

Natya amazing

Robert Classic!

message 9: by Nikki

Nikki Stephen Fry is my Hero. Pretty much everything he does is magic.

message 10: by Ddtree

Ddtree i love it.!!

Jessica-Robyn I love Fry and Laurie and this is just a great clip of their show! Their comedy really is amazing, it has never failed to make me both laugh and think.

Thérèse No one can tickle me as much as these two guys! Just love the exquisite accents, too! Makes me glad I'm an English-American. :-))

message 13: by Rachels

Rachels They're on Netflix instawatch now :)

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