Laura Thalassa and Dan Rix Talk about Blood and Sin

Author: Laura Thalassa
Book: Blood and Sin

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Authors Dan Rix and Laura Thalassa introduce their new book, Blood and Sin, the first novel in a paranormal trilogy they're penning together, and answer a few questions about the book.…more

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Bonnie It was fun watching you both interact, and share your different perspectives on your shared writing experience of "Blood and Sin". I just discovered the book today, so I have not yet read it, but I will read it. I am not overly fond of stories that feature demon encounters with humans. I thought your perspective on demons "Infernari" was interesting. I've seen a similar perspective shared in certain other stories about demons. It's reasonable to assume that they would be very different from humans - share nothing in common with us because they are 1) immortal (or almost so, and 2) they live in a very hot and probably a miserable environment. I've read similar stories before. It's strange to think of them as predators who use human blood to invoke infernal magic. Anyway, nice to see you both together. I enjoyed your introductory film debut. Bonnie J.

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