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Claire is 20% done
Cushla and her brother manage their parents pub, the mother Gina is beyond reach, lost to drink, married upward, never accepted.
Cusha Lavery is a teacher, looks out for Davy.
Goes out with another teacher, checkpoint incident
She meets another man in the pub, invited to an Irish language evening, he asks a lot of questions
Mar 16, 2023 12:35PM


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Claire is 77% done
Cushla has low expectations, high empathy, observes herself playing a role and yet can't help herself. Observes her mother and can do little there. Tries to help Davy and is punished for it. Is attracted to what is unavailable, as if that's all she deserves.
Mar 19, 2023 07:19AM

Claire is 47% done
Cushla gets deeper into looking out for Davy, his beaten father returns home, his 18 yr old brother dropped out, Jude the Obscure
Going out occasionally with Gerald covers for seeing the older, married barrister Michael, his friends provoke her with their translation requests, Irish lessons
Gina gone in one sense, though hyper-aware
Neighbours see all
Mar 18, 2023 12:12AM

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