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That's what he went to jail for? LOL!
Mar 11, 2011 10:18PM
A Lot like Love (FBI/US Attorney, #2)

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Catherine is finished
This book is actually only 274 pages if anyone feels like fixing it.
Mar 12, 2011 11:04AM
A Lot like Love (FBI/US Attorney, #2)

Catherine is on page 269 of 274

"Well, Ma, see...there's this girl."


He checked to make sure the call hadn't been dropped. "You still there, Ma?"

A sniffle.

"You can't be crying already," he said. "I haven't told you anything about her yet."

"It doesn't matter, Nick," his mother said through her tears. "Those are the three words I've been waiting thirty-four years to hear."

Mar 12, 2011 10:58AM
A Lot like Love (FBI/US Attorney, #2)

Catherine is on page 240 of 274

"Jordan stood in her living room, staring at the door in confusion.


No clue what that was all about."

- Lord, you are both idiots. LOL.
Mar 12, 2011 10:05AM
A Lot like Love (FBI/US Attorney, #2)

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"Pride or no pride, if he had been one of those sensitive types, he'd say he knew he was a goner right then."
Mar 12, 2011 09:59AM
A Lot like Love (FBI/US Attorney, #2)

Catherine is on page 207 of 274

"Seriously, I must've killed somebody's prized goat or something in a former life. And this is my penance."

He laughed. "Oh, admit it. You love it."

"That's the penance part. My slow descent into madness."

Mar 12, 2011 09:27AM
A Lot like Love (FBI/US Attorney, #2)

Catherine is on page 174 of 274

"Something inside Nick snapped.

That was his fake girlfriend in there. Sitting at the table where they had just shared cheese fries the night before. And if she thought she could throw scorching hot sex-looks to any pansy-ass scarf boy who wandered into her shop, she had another thing coming."

Mar 12, 2011 08:39AM
A Lot like Love (FBI/US Attorney, #2)

Catherine is on page 147 of 274

"And I don't see you grabbing the remote away from me when that countdown clock starts chiming," she said to Pete. "Unless it's to get a quick check of the scores on Monday nights."

Nick's ears perked up at the mention of scores. Sports. Now there was a topic upon which he could wax poetic. "Too bad Monday night Football is over," he lamented to Pete. "But there's always basketball. Who are (cont...)

Mar 12, 2011 07:26AM
A Lot like Love (FBI/US Attorney, #2)

Catherine is on page 92 of 274

"So here's how this works. When tasting a wine, as opposed to casual drinking, there are four basic steps you need to remember: sight, smell, taste, then spit or swallow."

Nick paused at that last part and cocked his head. "And your personal preference on the latter would be...?"

"Only lightweights spit."

His right eye twitched.

- LOL. Men.
Mar 11, 2011 11:24PM
A Lot like Love (FBI/US Attorney, #2)

Catherine is on page 86 of 274
"In eleven years of law enforcement, Nick had made many a suspect sweat under the duress of what he knew was an impressive don't-fuck-with-me face, yet she didn't so much as bat an eye. Granted, none of those suspects had been wearing a knockout dress with a slit nearly down to the ass, so perhaps the don't-fuck-with-me face wasn't in top form right then."
Mar 11, 2011 11:18PM
A Lot like Love (FBI/US Attorney, #2)

Catherine is on page 50 of 274

"And, eww--Kyle?"

Melinda shrugged matter-of-factly. "To you, he's your brother. But to the rest of the female population, he has a certain appeal. I'll leave it at that."

"He used to fart in our Mr. Turtle pool and call it a 'Jacuzzi.' How's that for appeal?"

Mar 11, 2011 10:31PM
A Lot like Love (FBI/US Attorney, #2)

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message 1: by new_user (new)

new_user LOL. What's so funny?

Catherine He crashed Twitter for a couple days. LOL.

message 3: by new_user (new)

new_user LOL! Awesome.

Nisha hahaha... wait, crashing Twitter gets you in jail? Wouldn't that count as a public service?

message 5: by Dinjolina (last edited Mar 11, 2011 11:44PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dinjolina Are you for real? :/
Twitter? :/

Catherine Mia wrote: "Can't wait for Kyle's book!!! & He looks like Sawyer *swoon*"

The scenes in the visitors room at the jail when everyone calls him Sawyer are hilarious!

Catherine Nisha - Apparently it caused widespread panic. *rolls eyes*

Dinjolina - Yep. LOL.

Dinjolina On account of Twitter- ...nice.
On the Sawyer reference-thinks nothing and drools over her keyboard :)

Catherine LOL. I thought Sawyer's character was hot too, but it was really his personality that drew me to him.

Dinjolina And the sex scene in the cage :)

Catherine That was smokin' hot! O_O

Nisha huh, what? 0_0 Did someone say 'cage'? when was this?

Dinjolina In Lost...when him and Kate have hot sex in the rain while all beaten up.
This is why I never like him whit that blond doctor.She was so-meh!

Back tot his book...other then the very stupid Tweeter part Catherine you are so lucky to get an arc! :gushes:

Catherine I was very excited to get it!

Dinjolina Did you read the rest of this authors books?
She is really good.
Well,not that it is so hard today seeing how a lot of 'authors' are just plain vile,but still.

Nisha True, but Julie James is especially good. Catherine, you should definitely invest in her books. They are worth owning or at least reading a few times.

Catherine No, this was my first book by this author. I'm definitely going to look into getting some more by her though.

Dinjolina I like how she uses the most seen stories out there and still succeeds to make them fresh.
Like with Practice Makes Perfect

Catherine Is that one a favorite of yours?

Dinjolina @Nisha-go to your rew of Pleasure me and tell me what was the guys disability before I die from curiosity! :D

Nisha My favorite is Just the Sexiest Man Alive. I absolutely loved the heroine. She is such a badass. Practice Makes Perfect, was also really good.

Nisha @Dinjolina - Which book are you talking about? I haven't read or reviewed Pleasure Me...

Catherine Nisha wrote: "My favorite is Just the Sexiest Man Alive. I absolutely loved the heroine. She is such a badass. Practice Makes Perfect, was also really good."

I've heard really good things about that one.

message 24: by Dinjolina (last edited Mar 12, 2011 10:30PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dinjolina @Nisha..sorry mixed you up whit two always read the same stuff :) Read her dude in a historical romance.Something about a deformity.I have to know...and i know the curiosity killed the cat but still was just such a sweet book. The heroine was cute but I liked the macho 'argh i am man' hero also:)

Nisha I don't usually buy book (not because I don't want to, but I get in trouble for spending 'unnecessarily'), but I bought this book and felt that it was worth suffering the consequences.

Catherine You're not allowed to buy your books, Nisha? That must be hard.

Dinjolina OMG!
:hugs her credit card:
How on Earth can books be unnsecesery??

Nisha That's what I say. But, my mom is under this impression that its the books that keep me from getting a 4.0 GPA.
When I'm expecting a package, I have to be the first and only one to check the mail, or I would have my book confiscated.

Catherine Whoa. That really sucks. :\

Nisha It's a little difficult, but I've gotten criminally good at finding ways around the system (aka. asking my dad sweetly or splurge around times when I buy necessary text books)

Dinjolina Nisha!
Stop saying this horrible stuff!
Books are never bad!And nobody should take them away from you!
You poor thing.
Come live whit me :)
(Where do you even live-and no I do not want to go and kill you while you sleep in order to steal your books :))

Nisha haha, well, I'm in Washington, DC, but none of my books are :( so I am in no danger of losing my precious books by disclosing my location. (They're all in my hometown in Texas) It makes me antsy when they are so far away from me.

You say you'll let me stay with you, but you'll regret that pretty quickly when I get all moody and downright irritating when I'm staying all night to finish a book.

Dinjolina I'm pulling allnighters when books are in the mix all the time. :)
MY mother tells me I would have a better GPA if I stayed up over my Pharmacology books instead :D

Nisha If those books were half as compelling, that would be true. ;)

message 35: by Nisha (last edited Mar 12, 2011 11:49PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nisha I'm allowed to read most everything. But once I told my dad that I wanted the Kushiel's dart series, in passing. He bought it for me, but he ended up reading the inside cover or reviews or something, and he kept asking me if it was appropriate for me to read these books. Somehow, I managed to convince him that it was pretty clean. It wasn't it but it was more intellectual than 'erotic fantasy' that it was classified.

Catherine I never had any restrictions on what I read, but I did frequently succumb to an all-nighter and regret it in the morning. :)

Dinjolina Regret it?
:remembers how she almost fell asleep in her Pathology class last Monday and winces:

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