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Claire is 10% done
Feb 26, 2021 05:10AM
Infinite Country

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Claire is 91% done
Changes to second person narrator, the brother Nandi as if talking to his sister Karina.
Switches to 1st person narrator Karina.
Back to 3rd person for Talia, who makes it home to her father on the back of a motorcycle. Reading to use her plane ticket to return her to her mother and siblings, so long estranged. How will they fare, having become such different people after all these years of separation.
Mar 04, 2021 01:29AM
Infinite Country

Claire is 67% done
Years drift by leaving Elena on her own with her 2 children trying to survive, while Mauro drifts aimlessly, in and out of stupor, their youngest daughter Talia growing up with her grandmother Perla, listening and learning the old stories, the old ways, caring for each other as best they can.
Elena pines for home, her children when they see images of what she pines for, don't understand.
Mar 02, 2021 03:51AM
Infinite Country

Claire is 30% done
Talia escapes a girl's reform school knowing she has one month to join her father and use a plane ticket to fly to the US.
Loops back to how her father Mauro met his wife Elena at the village market, fell in love then told of his plan to work in US. Showing him her life savings in a box she said "take us with you".
Always on the move, looking for work, a room, in a heated exchange over money Mauro picked up by police
Feb 26, 2021 10:54PM
Infinite Country

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