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Claire is 20% done
Jan 19, 2021 08:20AM

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Claire is 86% done
As Mischka fades, losing more words, her past reappears, a mystery arises. Mystery or degradation of mind?
The interruptions to Jerome's speech therapy exercises, as she tries to pry information out of him about his father he doesn't talk to.
Intriguing. Sad, a sense of running out of time, at the same time as a relief not to have to endure this state for too long, the catch 22 of old age and a deteriorating mind.
Jan 21, 2021 07:11AM

Claire is 47% done
Michka is losing her words, other words sneak in to take the place of the one she is searching for.
She is also searching for the couple who cared for her as a child, but she doesn't know their surname.
She never had children, never wanted to.
But a little girl Marie, found her, descending to ring her doorbell, entering her life, awakening her nurturing aspect.
Now Marie visits her. Listens, Says yes.
Jan 20, 2021 12:38AM

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