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Best travel memoir ever, don't want this to end!
Aug 08, 2020 12:32AM
Stories of the Sahara

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Claire is on page 168 of 416
I can't stop laughing at the wonderful observations Sanmao makes through the lens of her other worldly experience as she navigates life in the desert town of the Sahara where she and her husband live. Her no nonsense attitude, kind indulgence of an open door policy, goats falling g through the roof, the nine bonsai, near death at quagmire in the desert, the copper necklace. What an intrigue she'd have been to them,.
Aug 07, 2020 02:26AM
Stories of the Sahara

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I hadn't expected this to be so funny. So may laugh out loud moments already. What a characters she is, bringing her knowledge of chinese cooking, medicine and a strong logic to the Sahrawi.
Heals a goat that was going to be slaughtered by giving it wine!
Aug 06, 2020 12:22PM
Stories of the Sahara

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