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Claire is 18% done
An 8 year old boy Ari (now an orphan) is dropped off at his Aunt Kat's by his brother Taukiri, who then leaves, driving north, taking the ferry to the North Island (NZ) throws his phone in the sea, remembers the taste of seawater. Creates a life in Wgtn, as an unknown.
Ari uses sticking plasters to cover places where it hurts, or might cause it. They soothe him. He adds it to his aunt's shopping list, gets 3 boxes.
May 26, 2020 11:15PM

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Claire is 61% done
3 narrative voices
Ārama the boy Ari - present time staying with his Aunt & scary uncle
Taukiri - his brother (?) Hanging around busking, working in wgtn
Toko and Jade - narrated in present, but is past, unclear rship to other two a slow reveal,
May 28, 2020 02:19AM

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