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I'm not liking how little this book is about Peru (not even named and when described wrong) and how much it drones about opera. I guess I should have known from the title.
May 23, 2010 10:26PM
Bel Canto


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Cami It took me a long time to get good. I asked Rachel at one point "Is the WHOLE book about a hostage situation?" I sighed at her affirmative response. It gets better and ends right.

Annalisa I wouldn't mind if the whole book were about the hostage situation as long as I got a sense of the political struggle and the way life really is in Peru.

Lucy I read a review that said this book was written in the magical realism genre, a genre I know you understand and enjoy. Maybe that will help. It was hard for me to love because the realism was missing. But it's still a great book.

Annalisa Magical realism? Hmm, not getting that yet :). I think I'll like it, eventually. I just want more Peru in it, more of the historical fiction and less discussion about opera.

Cami I'll repeat. Magical realism? There is no magic here, just relationships changing, which I suppose can be a type of magic.
You're not going to get Peru, Annalisa. Get over that. :) Just enjoy the urchins with guns, pick out what you can learn from it and get it done.

Rachel I did love this book.

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