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Claire McAlpine
Claire McAlpine is on page 225 of 395
Part 1 Richmond Virginia, 14, horse obsessed, no emotion towards mother, a little towards father, makes a friend Mitzi, discovers Galileo not hers
Part 2 Paris, 18, looking at paintings, writing postcards, humiliated, not very endearing about the French
Part 3 Loire Valley about to start
Jan 18, 2019 07:23AM
Teethmarks on My Tongue

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Claire McAlpine
Claire McAlpine is on page 140 of 395
Strangely there is little sympathy at the death of the mother, by either her husband or daughter, however he suffers at the death of a horse. Not sure if this is irony or realism, beautifully written, if emotionally odd. The story around the murderer even more bizarre, the treatment by the media, which makes me think it may be a subtle message, about the ethics of the media in their treatment of human subjects.
Jan 17, 2019 02:10AM
Teethmarks on My Tongue

Claire McAlpine
Claire McAlpine is on page 50 of 395
Hard not to sense the bitter irony of reading the opening pages in which a mother dies and a daughter prepares for her funeral.
I wonder why this book hasn't been more widely read, I guess literary critics don't invite criticism of their work, are modest about their own attempts.
Set in Richmond, a girl interested in the solar system and horses, is recovering from a bad fall when she learns her mother has been shot.
Jan 14, 2019 03:07AM
Teethmarks on My Tongue

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