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So I have never actually read a John Green novel and I would like to so what would people say is his best one so far?
Aug 10, 2012 03:08PM

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message 1: by Clair (new)

Clair I really liked The Fault in our Stars and Looking for Alaska, so I'd say go for those! :)

message 2: by Laura (new)

Laura Definitely The Fault in our Stars.

message 3: by Melanie (new)

Melanie Fair I haven't read Fault in Our Stars yet, but Looking for Alaska's really good.

message 4: by Kay (new)

Kay I really like An Abundance of Katherines and Looking for Alaska.

message 5: by Taizha (new)

Taizha Ferguson The Fault in Or Stars is the only book I read by him so far, but it's a really good book.

message 6: by Priscilla (new)

Priscilla Gallego The fault in our star most definitely

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