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Heather (hungrycookiemonster)
Heather (hungrycookiemonster) is 58% done
"Breathe" reminds me of the novel "Love Unscripted" only with a younger set if characters. It's kind of cute.
Jul 21, 2012 05:45PM
Breathe (Sea Breeze, #1)

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Heather (hungrycookiemonster)
Heather (hungrycookiemonster) is 49% done
Jax Stone is seriously swoon worthy. Though I like Marcus too. Glad the next book is his.
Jul 20, 2012 07:12PM
Breathe (Sea Breeze, #1)

Heather (hungrycookiemonster)
Heather (hungrycookiemonster) is 7% done
I'm only started chapter two and I want to punish Sadie's mom in the face. I know she's pregnant but goodness!
Jul 19, 2012 08:02PM
Breathe (Sea Breeze, #1)

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