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Tobin Elliott
Tobin Elliott is 62% done
If this journal doesn't turn out to be complete bullshit, then this book is getting no more than two stars. The detective sections are okay, but really average, as far as I'm concerned, but the journal entries are stupid, unbelievable, and interminable. I'm almost ready to give up on this thing.
Sep 05, 2017 04:55AM
The Fourth Monkey (4MK Thriller, #1)

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Tobin Elliott
Tobin Elliott is 8% done
Okay, you have a 52-year-old cop, married and working with the public, and he responds to "tweet" and "favourited" like he's never ever heard of Twitter? Like the person's talking Greek? This better get a whole lot more believable really soon, because that's just stupid.
Aug 31, 2017 04:42AM
The Fourth Monkey (4MK Thriller, #1)

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