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Perfect Saturday. On blanket in the garden with my Kindle and new shoes. That may be a bottle of juice but it will be replaced by a long tall Pimms when the old man gets back from the shop!

May 26, 2012 04:41AM

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message 1: by Jae (new)

Jae I would've include a sunscreen too, Babe.

message 2: by Monique (new)

Monique Yay me too Becs....we get so few sunny days we need to make the most of them while we can!!!!! G & T for me please!!!!

message 3: by ~ Becs ~ (new)

~ Becs ~ Isn't it fab Monique?? Jae, I did use sunscreen but maybe not enough as my jahoobies are very slightly pink right now.

message 4: by Jae (new)

Jae I don't think pink will go well with those cute shoes.

message 5: by ~ Becs ~ (new)

~ Becs ~ Ha - you're right. It'll fade by tomorrow - at least I hope.

message 6: by Karla (new)

Karla And if the "old man" joins you on the blanket for some garden antics...that would be the icing on the cake!! Have a beautiful day Becs!

message 7: by ~ Becs ~ (new)

~ Becs ~ It really was a perfect Saturday. Only downer - not enough sunscreen, mahoosive sunglasses and sat immobile reading MM all day. Now I have bizarre tanlines on my face.

Need to work on that today!

message 8: by Wendy (new)

Wendy That sounds perfect Becs! Bliss. *sigh*

message 9: by Red (new)

Red Phoenix The shoes, the shoes! They are so darn cute!

message 10: by ~ Becs ~ (new)

~ Becs ~ Thanks Wendy.

Red - a girl after my own heart. I have soooo many shoes - they're kind of taking over my wardrobe.

I have about 4 pairs of knee high black boots but my DH thinks I have only 1. I have to be real careful to keep them hidden and only leave one pair lying around at a time. My daughter has sussed me though and is threatening to reveal my dark secret!

message 11: by Red (new)

Red Phoenix First I LOVE knee high boots. The fact you have 4 and have to hide them is adorable. :)

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