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Deviant (Condemned, #5) Deviant (Condemned, #5)

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Paulinem is 12% done
I’m taking a break even though it’s the last book I just can’t stomach the same thing over and over it’s boring me and peeing me off I’m taking a break lol
Feb 16, 2018 12:31PM Add a comment
Deviant (Condemned, #5)

Malene is 9% done
A lifetime of loving him wouldn’t make up for what I’d done. So I tried in the only way I knew how. I let him torture me with his tongue, and turned my body, my will, my everything over to him.

It’s good to be back with Alex and Rafe😉🔥
Jan 13, 2018 04:36AM Add a comment
Deviant (Condemned, #5)