2013 Reading Challenge
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Books Pledged 24,104,364
Avg. Books Pledged 56
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Astrid has read 50 of 50 books in 2013.
  • The Garner Files by James Garner
  • A House in the Sky by Amanda Lindhout
  • 1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die by Stephen Farthing
  • Hitler Youth by Susan Campbell Bartoletti
  • East of the Sun, West of the Moon by Jackie Morris
  • No Matter How Loud I Shout by Edward Humes
  • I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly
  • The Greatest Horse Stories Ever Told by Steven D. Price
  • Surviving a Stalker by Linden Gross
  • Scary Stories Treasury by Alvin Schwartz
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message 1: by Mara (new)

Mara Well I have to say that I have beaten you :)

message 2: by Cherish (new)

Cherish Keep going Astrid you can do it!

message 3: by Astrid (new)

Astrid Yrigollen Thanks Cherish! I am playing catch up :) Are you doing a challenge right now?

message 4: by Cherish (new)

Cherish You're Welcome! I'm taking the challenge too. Apparently I have I chose to read 70 books. But I spent most of the year reading so much comics as well as historical fiction and historical romance. <(^_^;)>

When there's one there's more to discover. I think I've reached my limit, but I'm going to add more books and comics.

message 5: by Astrid (new)

Astrid Yrigollen Wow 70! If I was writing I'd like to take that challenge. That's great . Heehee- I understand I love comics & books about animals but I'm trying to diversify my challenge. Don't look at what I'm currently reading though - sheepish grin-

message 6: by Astrid (new)

Astrid Yrigollen Oops meant " wasn't writing right now"

message 7: by Cherish (new)

Cherish LOL! I couldn't help it I checked and I think your list of books are quite interesting!

message 8: by Astrid (new)

Astrid Yrigollen Haha I just get done saying I want to mix things up and I am reading a Huge Manga and.... An animal book lol. I have been interested in the Kenshin but someone said it was very violent, I try to stay away from violence. Whats your opinion of it so far?

message 9: by Cherish (new)

Cherish Did you mean Rurouni Kenshin? Well I read the series back when I was 17 and I LOVED IT! (I also need to point out that back in my teen I was fascinated about Kung-fu, Karate and anything that's linked to the martial arts and I craved for fiction novels that had things about it. I was reading Kung-fu comics too. ^_^;)

I kept loaning the books from my local library until I was 20 or 21. The library stopped collecting the series. It wasn't until some time this year I looked back at the book list I made back when I was 17 and found out that I stopped at Volume 17. My local library has the whole series now and it's a huge advantage.

The series it self is brilliant I read it because it was set in the meiji period. But there are fighting scenes and a whole lot more. I guess it depends on the reader.

Sorry if my response took a while! ^_^;

message 10: by Astrid (new)

Astrid Yrigollen I love the Meiji period and have a project I have been working on so I'm there with you! II love the library too but get dissapointed when they do not carry a full series, just one or two volumes.

Yes ,when I was younger I liked martial arts ( jeet kun do, gung fu, hopkido sp?)but it started to conflict with other beliefs I was learning.
There has been many people that told me it was amazing. Thank you for your input!

message 11: by Cherish (new)

Cherish YAY! You're nearly there! YOU CAN DO IT ASTRID!

message 12: by Astrid (new)

Astrid Yrigollen Cherish wrote: "YAY! You're nearly there! YOU CAN DO IT ASTRID!"

Haha thank you Cherish I'm trying!

message 13: by Desiree (new)

Desiree You're one book away! Hurry read something really quick :)

message 14: by Astrid (new)

Astrid Yrigollen Desiree wrote: "You're one book away! Hurry read something really quick :)"

LOL, I was working on my review because I had a few pages to go. I finished lol.

message 15: by Cherish (new)


message 16: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa Greatbanks Awesome! Way to go!! :D

message 17: by Desiree (new)

Desiree Astrid wrote: "Desiree wrote: "You're one book away! Hurry read something really quick :)"

LOL, I was working on my review because I had a few pages to go. I finished lol."

Yay!! Awesome!

message 18: by Rosa (new)

Rosa Congratulations!

message 19: by Astrid (new)

Astrid Yrigollen Rosa wrote: "Congratulations!"

Thank you ! Almost didn't make it!

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