2017 Reading Challenge
Participants 3,121,272
Books Pledged 143,187,673
Avg. Books Pledged 45
Time Left 0 days, 0 hours
Jane has read 56 of 17 books in 2017.
  • The Bible, Christianity, & Homosexuality by Justin R. Cannon
  • Why Men And Women Can't Be Friends by Oliver Markus Malloy
  • The 12 Cats of Christmas by Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick
  • 그 끝에 있는 것 [At the End of the Road] by Haribo
  • 그 끝에 있는 것 [At the End of the Road] by Haribo
  • A Plain Leaving by Leslie Gould
  • Her Kiss by Willow Hawke
  • She Marched by Diana Morland
  • 試着室の淫らな紳士 [Shichakushitsu no Midara na Shinshi] by 佳門サエコ
  • ハングアウトクライシス [Hang Out Crisis] by Owaru
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message 1: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Damn that's a lot of books so fast!

message 2: by Jane (last edited Feb 22, 2017 07:44PM) (new)

Jane Jamie wrote: "Damn that's a lot of books so fast!"

Ah, I wrote a response, but it didn't go through. :/ I said I include mangas, because I'm reading them and they're books, so they should count.

I'm still going to keep reading more, though, so technically even if mangas won't be counted, I'll exceed my goal nevertheless.

message 3: by Jamie (new)

Jamie It's all good, I include manga also! I think it's nice to mix comics in once in a while, keeps things feeling fresh when I want a quick read.

message 4: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Mckernan Way to go!

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