2016 Reading Challenge
Participants 3,020,654
Books Pledged 141,058,338
Avg. Books Pledged 46
Time Left 0 days, 0 hours
Lisa has read 125 of 80 books in 2016.
  • One Foot Wrong by Sofie Laguna
  • Cleopatra's Shadows by Emily Holleman
  • The Lost Child by Suzanne  McCourt
  • A Suitable Vengeance by Elizabeth  George
  • Red by Jacky Colliss Harvey
  • Poisoned Legacy by Aidan Dodson
  • The Twelve by Justin Cronin
  • An Evil Spirit Out of the West by Paul Doherty
  • Egypt's Dazzling Sun by Arielle P. Kozloff
  • Sarah Thornhill by Kate Grenville
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message 1: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Ugh, orange. And why has 2014 disappeared? Or is it only on my page? Did you lower your goal from last year for a reason or just less tracker pressure?

message 2: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Ugh indeed. It's so different to previous years! And 2014 is on my page, but not yours.... what gives?

Less pressure. Because I was so keen to hit that 90 book mark, I found that I read a lot of short stories/quick reads that I didn't necessarily want to read in order to keep my tally on track. So that while I read 3 books more in 2015 than in 2014, I actually read nearly over 1000 pages less. So I want to feel like I have enough time to read a big book if that's what want to do, rather than going for quicker, shorter reads.

message 3: by Nikki (new)

Nikki I know! They've always been in the blue-green spectrum. Orange really is not a favorite color or mine. Hmm, still missing on mine but there is a small link saying 2014 challenge all the way at the bottom of the other years. What gives indeed?

Ugh, that stupid tracker kills me but I felt like a liar all year saying 150 when I really wanted 200 haha I find myself doing the same thing unfortunately, though it was in large part that I took a few hiatuses this year when I was having terrible book streaks. Hopefully I'll plow through this time. I really would like 2016 to be a year where I don't ponder whether I should just give up reading because of all the bad books.

message 4: by Lisa (new)

Lisa It's just SO different and orange isn't really one of my favourites either. I don't object to it, just find it a bit blah. I wonder if this is a glitch with the new site design or something?

Haha, at least you can go back and edit the challenge. I think I did that one year, after I completed challenge early. If I do that this year, I am thinking of just leaving it there, so I get the joy of seeing "You have read 90 out of 80 books". ;) Maybe that's my goal for 2016: beat the hell out of my tracker, haha. Hope the reading picks up this year. Do you normally read a lot of books in the same genre and feel the genre's going downhill?

message 5: by Nikki (new)

Nikki They haven't changed it to suit us Lisa! WTF! And my 2014 is still strangely missing.

I haven't noticed any particular genre going downhill, I think I am just being misled by summaries and overly keen readers.

message 6: by Lisa (new)

Lisa The bastards! Might be time to try and contact support to find your 2014?

I get so frustrated by books with an excellent premise that are written so badly. Like, it could've been amazing if only it had been written better!

message 7: by Nikki (new)

Nikki I might if I cared enough haha, but so long as my shelves are intact I'm not going to worry.

I know! I'm so tired of summaries that sound awesome only to leave me saying things like "I wish had written this instead...it may have had a chance then."

message 8: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Yeah. I find that once the year's out, I like to look at the stats (which breaks down your books to the years you read them anyway) more than the "books read in x year" page.

Yes! And you're reading something that's fine, but not that great, and then they reference something and it's like "WHY IS THE BOOK NOT ABOUT THIS INSTEAD?"

message 9: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Yay! I didn't realize you were so close. Good job.

message 10: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Thanks!

message 11: by Nikki (new)

Nikki I love the stats page, but I'm a stat nerd by nature. Seeing the books I read in one year without any star allocation info and such doesn't do anything for me except for me to see how much time is left in the year.

Ugh, right! Or the ones where they do include the thing you want but the focus is not on it, or not enough and you're wondering how the author did not realize how much weaker the other parts are compared to that. (This happens a lot in HF where they insist on having past and present storylines. PICK ONE, preferably the past one, thanks.)

I did not see your other comment when I say congrats on your completion, GR did not show the comments when it informed you finished. Are you going to change your challenge or just go over?

message 12: by Lisa (new)

Lisa I love the stats page! I love seeing the breakdown by rating, being able to switch between number of books and number of pages (currently 2 books behind last year's tally but nearly 6000 pages ahead!) and the pie graph that shows me the breakdown via shelves.

YES. Pick one. Or focus more on this issue. I always get more invested in one storyline and tend to want to skip the other storyline.

Planning to keep it as is and just go over, I love going over and I feel more relaxed with my book choices now that I'm well over my original goal. I can focus more on reading big books, books that I know will take me awhile to read. I'm hoping to do more Netgalley books too.

message 13: by Nikki (new)

Nikki You're such a nerd. But so am I because I love it too! :) I'm ahead in both now I think...it took me longer to get to pages though, but I think that was because one year I read huuuge books. The pie chart doesn't help me much since so many shelves overlap that it really doesn't say much definitively. I wish I could have micro-pie charts or something...

Good plan! I'm secretly going for 300 but I don't know if I'll change it to that or not. I like both ideas...I like how 100% looks rather than over but I can be OCD...haha

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