2021 Reading Challenge
Participants 4,234,027
Books Pledged 216,417,925
Avg. Books Pledged 50
Time Left 195 days, 15 hours
Catherine has read 32 of 50 books in 2021.
  • Leading Groups Online by Jeanne Rewa
  • Monastic Practices by Charles Cummings
  • Dare We Speak of Hope? by Allan Aubrey Boesak
  • An Undivided Life by Parker J. Palmer
  • The Little Book of Victim Offender Conferencing by Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz
  • Little Book of Circle Processes by Kay Pranis
  • Little Book of Restorative Justice by Howard Zehr
  • Ace by Angela  Chen
  • The Dangers of Christian Practice by Lauren F. Winner
  • The Elements of Investing by Burton G. Malkiel
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  • Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation
  • Vanished Kingdoms
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