2012 Reading Challenge
Participants 296,073
Books Pledged 17,318,407
Books Finished 9,126,193
Avg. Books Pledged 58
Challenges Completed 83,468
Time Left 0 days, 0 hours
Margaret has read 589 of 300 books in 2012.
  • The Icecutter's Daughter by Tracie Peterson
  • From the Library of Charles Spurgeon by James Stuart Bell Jr.
  • From the Library of C. S. Lewis by James Stuart Bell Jr.
  • To Whisper Her Name by Tamera Alexander
  • Charlotte's Web by E.B. White
  • Silent Night by Deanna Raybourn
  • A Light in the Window by Julie Lessman
  • Blankie Buddies Save the Day by Joy Findlay
  • Big Dog... Little Dog by P.D. Eastman
  • Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman
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message 1: by Vannetta (new)

Vannetta Chapman What an awesome goal, Margaret!

message 2: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Chind I met 316 last year with many with a bookmark, so hopefully I can do it again.

message 3: by Charmaine (new)

Charmaine Good luck, Margaret! Sounds fun reading all those books. <3

message 4: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Chind Thanks Charmaine!

Blue Eyed Vixen I take my hat off to anyone going for this many books...seriously, do you ever sleep? :)
Good luck with your challenge.

message 6: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Chind Haha. Right now I'm so sick, and sleeping is a distant thought. The problem is seriously that there are so many books. How can I say no?

Blue Eyed Vixen I hope you're on the mend soon...nothing more depressing than being sick, especially if it's viral or flu-like (you poor thing, I was reading your blog and when it's the whole family no-one gets much sleep).
The temperature has suddenly climbed here in Australia (we were having a relatively mild summer until now) and I've retreated in-doors but there's little opporunity to sew (I'm a hand quilter) ...I am catching up on my reading on the bright side, and this year I've added a personal challenge to read at least 10 books which have sat on my TBR list the longest, as well as my other challenges.
Hope you're family are feeling better soon. Vix.

message 8: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Chind Thanks Vix. I'm just getting worse right now, but we brought in some good over the counter stuff and I'm finally taking meds so hopefully that will help. It's definitely viruses around here, as no one is keeping a fever.

message 9: by Holly (new)

Holly Weiss Amazing reading record, Margaret. Congratulations!

message 10: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Chind Thanks Holly :)

message 11: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra Congrats on already passing your reading goal! How many more do you think you'll read this year?

message 12: by Charmaine (new)

Charmaine Congratulations, Margaret! :-D That's a lot of reading!

message 13: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Chind I have no idea! I know that a lot of it is because of children's book as my oldest is more about "read to me mama read!" but we'll see. I wish that goodreads had a way to distinguish in the challenges between kids book and adult books. I guess at the end I'll go back and count. Then there are a dozen or more adult books I started and haven't finished yet too.

message 14: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Wow. That is an impressive amount of books.

message 15: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Chind Thanks! Children's books included I must disclaim. :)

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