2019 Reading Challenge
Participants 2,463,138
Books Pledged 136,237,721
Books Finished 13,463,038
Avg. Books Pledged 55
Challenges Completed 1,916
Time Left 286 days, 19 hours
Alisea76 has read 9 of 60 books in 2019.
  • Il cane. Tutti i perché by Desmond Morris
  • Salvatore by Natasha Knight
  • Dolce tentazione by K.C. Lynn
  • Nessun altro posto  by Veronica Pigozzo
  • Fino a quando resterai con me by Alessia Iorio
  • Come sedurre il capo by Natasha Madison
  • Come rette parallele by Alessia D'ambrosio
  • Come onde controvento by Alessia D'ambrosio
  • A sette passi da te by Bianca Povolo
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