2019 Reading Challenge
Participants 2,463,136
Books Pledged 136,237,721
Books Finished 13,463,038
Avg. Books Pledged 55
Challenges Completed 1,916
Time Left 286 days, 19 hours
Yumiko has read 21 of 100 books in 2019.
  • Mers mortes by Aurélie Wellenstein
  • L’Evasion by Benoît Toccacieli
  • Le hall de gare de Châteauroux by Sylvain Guillaumet
  • Dans un grand champ de nuages blancs by Philippe Dester
  • Histoire D'Hommes by Thierry Jaegle
  • Belle-maman et moi by Valérie Palud
  • Orlan & Byggvir  by François Curchod
  • Elsie Waldon by Olivier Guerard
  • Alexandre by Jean-Louis Bouzou
  • Elie et l'Apocalypse tome 1  by Elen Brig Koridwen
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