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This is my journey in books for 2018!

I read 36,935 pages across 303 books Img bookstack 360

Always My Baby by Alexandria  House
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24 pages
Always My Baby
422 pages
Lusting After Love: Apollo's Aff...
Lusting After Love by Q.T. Kennedy
121 pages

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An American Marriage
An American Marriage by Tayari Jones
When You Love A Fuckboy by DOMINIQUE BROWN
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When You Love A Fuckboy


Ammora by Cachline Etienne
it was amazing
5.00 average
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A Dopegirl Needs Love Too by Shan
Daphne’s first review of the year
it was amazing

I was on the edge of my seat!! Really Asim!? I did not expect things to happen that way at all. I'm definitely team Dox. Lani needs to cut some people off asap.
Lula Mae by Bianca Cuie
Yours to Keep by B. Love
A Dopegirl Needs Love Too by Shan
it was amazing
A Dopegirl Needs Love Too 2 by Shan
The Duke of Ruin by Claudia Stone
Sugar Rush by A.  Jones
Syx and the City by Grey Huffington
Your Heart Is Mine by Vivian Blue
When A Gangsta Loves You by D. Nika
In Love With The King Of Chicago by A.J. Dix
Love Shouldn't Hurt This Bad by Tynessa
Never Trust A Broken Heart by Ivy Symone
it was amazing
If You're Willing by Ivy Symone
Love, I Thought You Had My Back by Shanice B.
Flow by Kennedy Ryan
In Due Time by B. Love
If Loving You Is All I Gotta Do by Fatima Munroe
Something New by Janie De Coster
Backslide 2 by Keith Thomas Walker
it was amazing
The Games We Play by Alexandra Warren
When A Heartless Thug Holds Me Close  by Tya Marie
The Middle Building On Treemont Avenue by Danielle Carleon
Alayla & Jahe  by Asia Monique
They Can't Stop Me by Sparkle Lewis
Shyne 3 by Sa'id Salaam
D-City Underworld by Annitia L. Jackson
Moonrise by Ines Johnson
Grip by Kennedy Ryan
it was amazing
Torn by Rae
My Heart Was A Fool by BriAnn Danae
Moonlight by Ines Johnson
Your Heart Is Mine 2 by Vivian Blue
Baby, Be Mine by Alexandria  House
If We Could Do It Again by A. Marie Johnson
Brave Hearts by Nicole Falls
For You I Will by Chelsea Maria
Hakeem & Serenity by Tnesha Sims
Every Boss Has A Soft Spot by Danielle May
Syx Thirty Sevyn by Grey Huffington
it was amazing
Broken Clocks by Danielle Allen
Giving My Heart To A Real One by Tricee
An American Marriage by Tayari Jones
Lusting After Love by Q.T. Kennedy
Captive Hearts by Asia Monique
There's No Me Without You by Tysha Jordyn
Promised Land by Brenda Hampton
Manolo's Remedy by Kenya Redd
When A Heartless Thug Holds Me Close 2 by Tya Marie
it was amazing
She Only Wanna Give It To A Hood Rich Gangsta by Dejah Rice
Broken Crayons Still Color by David Weaver
Loving Me Is Hard To Do by LaKeisha
Love, Dope & Disloyalty by Davino
I'm In Love With The Hood's Savage by Ja'niece Barnes
Idris & Wisdom by Natisha Raynor
Bouquets & Berettas by Myiesha Mason
it was amazing
Masterminding The Downfall of a Savage by Courtney B.
Black Panther by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Love Fades To Black by Q.T. Kennedy
Captive Hearts 2 by Asia Monique
I Won't Lose To Love Again by Iesha Bree
Idris & Wisdom 2 by Natisha Raynor
The Sweetest Revenge by Grey Huffington
Unearth Me by Grey Huffington
The Secrets We Keep by Britt Joni
Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates
it was amazing
When A Heartless Thug Holds Me Close 3 by Tya Marie
Fire Baptized by Kenya Wright
Chosyn For Love by Bre'youn
The Makeover by Nia Forrester
ROAR Rage. Oath. Animalistic. Reign. by Natavia
King of Hearts by Christina C. Jones
Zahira & Yasir by Sharifa D.
Still by Kennedy Ryan
it was amazing
Will You Still Want Me? by B. Love
To Buy a Vow by Chencia C. Higgins
Drake & Zion by Storm Writer
Am I Good Enough To Love? by BriAnn Danae
Idris & Wisdom 3 by Natisha Raynor
No Ordinary Love by G. Fife
Agave by TruFiyah
Bouquets & Berettas 2 by Myiesha Mason
Started From a Selfie by Nicole Falls
Treasure & Trey by Ms. Brii
Unveiled by Shataya Simms
it was amazing
No Love Allowed by Chencia C. Higgins
No Strings Allowed by Chencia C. Higgins
No Games Allowed by Chencia C. Higgins
Love, Dope & Disloyalty 2 by Davino
ROSARIO by J. Kenyarta
I Want To Belong To You by Asia Monique
Same Song, Different Verse by Mz Shay
Beautiful Chaos by Tara    Ellis
Ki'Asia by Sparkle Lewis
it was amazing
In Love With the King of North Carolina by Natisha Raynor
Hidden in Plain Sight by Huldah Dauid
Give Him Back by B.M. Hardin
A Ruthless Love Story by K.L. Hall
Drake & Zion 2 by Storm Writer
Chosyn For Love 2 by Bre'youn
A Night to Remember by Barbara Joe Williams
Daphne’s last review of the year
really liked it
New Year's drama

I really like when a book takes an unexpected turn. By the ending, I thought things were done. Not so fast. Net and John grew in different directions, she wanted to be healthy, he was content with the status quo. One new year's eve party, Facebook stalking and a Knight had Net seeing a possibly different direction for her life.
2018 Reading Challenge
Daphne read 303 out of 350 books.
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