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My year in books
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This is my journey in books for 2018!

I read 62,662 pages across 244 books Img bookstack 360

I, Cthulhu, or, What’s a Tentacle-Faced Thing Like Me Doing i... by Neil Gaiman
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12 pages
I, Cthulhu, or, What’s a Tentacl...
756 pages
The Boy Who Walked Too Far
The Boy Who Walked Too Far by Dom Watson
256 pages

people also read
The Martian
The Martian by Andy Weir
The Demon by Andrew Constant
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people also read
The Demon: Hell is Earth (2017-) #3


Kaschar's Quarter by David Gowey
Kaschar's Quarter: The Default King Book 1
4.67 average
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Borne by Jeff VanderMeer
Lukasz’s first review of the year
really liked it
Actual rating: 3.75

Imagine a wasteland seething with the weirdest kind of flora, fauna and biotech. Imagine the unimaginable and you’ll get close. Borne, set in ruined, nameless city at some point in the not-too distant future, paints a world in which civilization has collapsed as a result of environmental degradation.

Survivors are terrorized by Mord, a massive flying bear more than five storeys high. Mord once prowled the corridors of the biote
Borne by Jeff VanderMeer
The Story of Kao Yu by Peter S. Beagle
Tiger Lily by K. Bird Lincoln
Chaos Trims My Beard by Brett Herman
Sworn to the Night by Craig Schaefer
it was amazing
Mental Diplopia by Julianna Baggott
The Long Way Down by Craig Schaefer
Redemption Song by Craig Schaefer
Runaways #1 by Rainbow Rowell
The Living End by Craig Schaefer
really liked it
A Plain-Dealing Villain by Craig Schaefer
The Killing Floor Blues by Craig Schaefer
Runaways #2 by Rainbow Rowell
Harmony Black by Craig Schaefer
The Castle Doctrine by Craig Schaefer
Lost Lore by Ben Galley
Red Knight Falling by Craig Schaefer
Glass Predator by Craig Schaefer
Double or Nothing by Craig Schaefer
really liked it
Cold Spectrum by Craig Schaefer
This World is Full of Monsters by Jeff VanderMeer
Orford Parish Murder Houses by Tom   Breen
Interesting Times by Matthew Storm
The Wolf of Oren-Yaro by K.S. Villoso
Gateways to Abomination by Matthew M. Bartlett
Rico Slade Will F*cking Kill You by Bradley N. Sands
Art of War by Petros Triantafyllou
The Grey Bastards by Jonathan  French
it was amazing
As I Was on My Way to Strawberry Fair by Raymond St. Elmo
The Marvelous Mechanical Man by Rie Sheridan Rose
The Liminal People by Ayize Jama-Everett
Blood of Assassins by R.J.  Barker
Prayers in Steel by Michael  McClung
Starfish Girl by Athena Villaverde
The Armored Saint by Myke Cole
Masked by Lou Anders
Dead Things by Stephen Blackmoore
The Island of Doctor Moreau by H.G. Wells
really liked it
Dämoren by Seth Skorkowsky
Last Dragon Standing by Rachel Aaron
Hounacier by Seth Skorkowsky
Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu by Mercedes M. Yardley
The Stations of the Angels by Raymond St. Elmo
Melokai by Rosalyn Kelly
Archivist Wasp by Nicole Kornher-Stace
Ibenus by Seth Skorkowsky
it was amazing
Sunbolt by Intisar Khanani
Writing Monsters by Philip Athans
Master Assassins by Robert V.S. Redick
The Demon by Andrew Constant
The Demon by Andrew Constant
Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey
The Demon by Andrew Constant
The Demon by Andrew Constant
The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia A. McKillip
The Necromancer's House by Christopher Buehlman
really liked it
Extinction Journals by Jeremy Robert Johnson
Revolt of Blood and Stone by A.J. Norfield
Faerie Apocalypse by Jason Franks
Eyes to See by Joseph Nassise
Mjolnir by Brian      James
All Systems Red by Martha Wells
The Atrocities by Jeremy C. Shipp
Lucifer’s Star by C.T. Phipps
Grey Sister by Mark  Lawrence
it was amazing
Killing Gravity by Corey J. White
Void Black Shadow by Corey J. White
Vita Nostra by Marina Dyachenko
Latchkey by Nicole Kornher-Stace
Blackwood Marauders by K.S. Villoso
Wichry Smoczogór by Wit Szostak
Dread Nation by Justina Ireland
The Neon Boneyard by Craig Schaefer
really liked it
Black Panther by Nnedi Okorafor
Chimera by Tyler Ellis
Penric's Demon by Lois McMaster Bujold
Where the Waters Turn Black by Benedict Patrick
Doctor Rat by William Kotzwinkle
Animosity by Marguerite Bennett
Circe by Madeline Miller
A Preamble to Depravity by Akwesi Phillips
The Clarity of Cold Steel by Kevin   Wright
Traitor by Krista D. Ball
Death March by Phil Tucker
Ravencry by Ed McDonald
Fugitive by Krista D. Ball
The Botanist's Castle by Hesketh Tolson
Those Brave, Foolish Souls from the City of Swords by Benedict Patrick
it was amazing
The Fire Eye Refugee by Samuel Gately
The Blood Tartan by Raymond St. Elmo
Only Human by Sylvain Neuvel
really liked it
Rogue Arcanist by Alan Brenik
Hidden Worlds by Kit  Campbell
Shadowman, Vol. 1 by Andy Diggle
Shards of Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold
Forsaken Kingdom by J.R. Rasmussen
Inish Carraig by Jo Zebedee
The Burned Spy by K.A. Krantz
The Djinn Falls in Love & Other Stories by Mahvesh Murad
Endsville by Clay Sanger
Lukasz’s last review of the year
it was amazing
We’re bad people... We lie. We cheat. We steal. We kill. So long as we take out the trash and keep the peace with the other liars, cheaters, thieves, and killers, nobody really cares.

Endsville is the first in a new series, Outlaw Arcana, from Clay Sanger, author of few short stories published in various anthologies. I’ve read none of his stories and I don’t remember how and why I pre-ordered his debut novel. I woke up one day, opened my Kindl
2018 Reading Challenge Img rccompleted
Lukasz read 244 out of 72 books.
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