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“You were born a giver, don't die a taker.
You were born an earner, don't die a begger.
You were born a sharer, don't die a hoader.
You were born a lover, don't die a hater.
You were born a builder, don't die a destroyer.
You were born a creator, don't die an immitator.
You were born a leader, don't die a follower.
You were born a learner, don't die a teacher.
You were born a doer, don't die a talker.
You were born a dreamer, don't die a doubter.
You were born a winner, don't die a loser.

You were born an encourager, don't die a shamer.
You were born a defender, don't die an aggressor.
You were born a liberator, don't die an executioner.
You were born a soldier, don't die a murderer.
You were born an angel, don't die a monster.
You were born a protecter, don't die an attacker.
You were born an originator, don't die a repeater.
You were born an achiever, don't die a quitter.
You were born a victor, don't die a failure.
You were born a conqueror, don't die a warrior.
You were born a contender, don't die a joker.

You were born a producer, don't die a user.
You were born a motivator, don't die a discourager.
You were born a master, don't die an amateur.
You were born an intessessor, don't die an accusor.
You were born an emancipator, don't die a backstabber.
You were born a sympathizer, don't die a provoker.
You were born a healer, don't die a killer.
You were born a peacemaker, don't die an instigater.
You were born a deliverer, don't die a collaborator.
You were born a savior, don't die a plunderer.
You were born a believer, don't die a sinner.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

“Needs crawls.
Want walks.
Desire runs.
Lust sprints.
Love soars.

Peace crawls.
Pleasure walks.
Excitement runs.
Happiness sprints.
Joy soars.

Doubt crawls.
Expectation walks.
Hope runs.
Courage sprints.
Faith soars.

Skill crawls.
Talent walks.
Excellence runs.
Brilliance sprints.
Genius soars.

Intelligence crawls.
Insight walks.
Understanding runs.
Wisdom sprints.
Enlightenment soars.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

“If you have days, you have riches.
If you have months, you have fortune.
If you have years, you have treasure.
If you have decades, you have wealth.
If you have time, you have affluence.

If you have excitement, you have luxury.
If you have pleasure, you have privilege.
If you have peace, you have comfort.
If you have happiness, you have prosperity.
If you have joy, you have triumph.

If you have knowledge, you have currency.
If you have understanding, you have capital.
If you have discernment, you have assets.
If you have insight, you have benefits.
If you have wisdom, you have profit.

If you have religion, you have influence.
If you have philosophy, you have muscle.
If you have will, you have strength.
If you have courage, you have might.
If you have faith, you have power.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

“Don’t waste days, for they become weeks.
Don’t waste weeks, for they become months.
Don’t waste months, for they become years;
and don’t waste years, for they become a lifetime.”
Matshona Dhliwayo

“My father continues to press me to return to Sweden and abandon everything, but I will never do so. I am absolutely determined, nothing in the world could persuade me to abandon you.”
Margaret Anne MacLeod, Marie Antoinette: The Courageous End

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