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Dec 24, 2019 01:10PM

“If you ask people what is characteristic of the best groups they have ever been members of, the same traits keep being mentioned: small, informal, egalitarian, inspired by shared goals, the knowledge that what they do is recognized and valued. They report that the group does its work in a spirit of energized sharing, with much constructive self-examination. … Groups fail in organizations mainly because they are in organizations. They reflect the surrounding cultures—rigid, formal, and highly political in many cases.”
Andrew Jones, The Fifth Age of Work: How Companies Can Redesign Work to Become More Innovative in a Cloud Economy

Christopher Lascelles
“Many previous societies have collapsed from over-exploiting their own resources. This is exactly what we are doing now, but on a much larger, global scale. We know the problems that we are storing up for ourselves, but our constant short-term approach and lack of political will to make unpopular decisions mean that we do nothing about it. We live in a state of denial.”
Christopher Lascelles, A Short History of the World

Christopher Lascelles
“Philosophy comes from the Greek words ‘philo’ and ‘sophia’, meaning ‘love’ and ‘wisdom’, and democracy comes from the words ‘demos’ and ‘kratia’, meaning ‘people’ and ‘rule’.”
Christopher Lascelles, A Short History of the World

David McCullough
“For more than fifty years, or long before the Wright brothers took up their part, would-be “conquerors of the air” and their strange or childish flying machines, as described in the press, had served as a continuous source of popular comic relief.”
David McCullough, The Wright Brothers

Roy Peter Clark
“If a period is a stop sign, then what kind of traffic flow is created by other marks? The comma is a speed bump; the semicolon is what a driver education teacher calls a “rolling stop”; the parenthetical expression is a detour; the colon is a flashing yellow light that announces something important up ahead; the dash is a tree branch in the road.”
Roy Peter Clark, Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer

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