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The Ugly Stepsister by Aya Ling
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The Treachery of Beautiful Things by Ruth Frances Long
“Beware a kiss' he told her. 'kisses are powerful things. You expose part of your soul”
Ruth Frances Long
The Treachery of Beautiful Things by Ruth Frances Long
“Even the things that showed him his path seemed to point at what a fool he was. Another of life's ironies? Or just fate's way of mocking him?”
Ruth Frances Long
Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
I read this ON A DARE (a double-dog one, if you must know). And now I want to look it in the eye and ask - REALLY, BOOK? REALLY? Because it doesn't just cross the line into the uncomfortably creepy territory - it takes a cosmic leap over it.

Hush,..." Read more of this review »
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Wings by Aprilynne Pike
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Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep
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Nicole Grane
“I shifted my attention to the left and fell into suit with the rest of the female population. My mind went completely blank. All I saw was a tall, blond, blue-eyed hunk of man walking my way. Well, maybe man was a stretch, but it wasn’t that far off.”
Nicole Grane, Pinehurst

Vanessa Garden
“Marko pressed the creased paper flat against the note stand, rested the pads of his fingers lightly over the top of the keys and began to play. I watched him at first, my eyes drinking in the gorgeous sight that was Marko lost inside his head, but then the music—at first soft, like drops of dew, then rippling and rolling like a shower of rain—swept me away.”
Vanessa Garden, Captivate

Becca Fitzpatrick
“My Angel,

My greatest hope is that you never have to read this. Vee knows to give you this letter only if my feather is burned and I’m chained in hell or if Blakely develops a devilcraft prototype strong enough to kill me. When war between our races ignites, I don’t know what will become of our future. When I think about you and our plans. I feel a desperate aching. Never have I wanted things to turn out right as as I do now.

Before I leave this world, I need to make certain you know that all my love belongs to you. You are the same to me now as you were before you swore the Changeover Vow. You are mine. Always. I love the strength, courage, and gentleness of your soul. I love your body too. How could someone so sexy and perfect be mine? With you I have purpose-someone to love, cherish and protect.

There are secrets in my past that weigh on your mind. You've trusted me enough not to ask about them, and it's your faith that has made me a better man. I don’t want to leave you with anything hidden between us. I told you I was banished from heaven for falling in love with a human girl. The I way I explained it, I risked everything to be with her. I said those words because they simplified my motivations.

But they weren't the truth. The truth is I had become disenchanted with the archangels’s shifting goals and wanted to push back against them and their rules. That girl was an excuse to let go of an old way of living and accept a new journey that would eventually lead me to you. I believe in destiny, Angel. I believe every choice I've made has brought me closer to you. I looked for you for a very long time. I may have fallen from heaven but I fell for you.

I will do whatever it takes to make sure you win this war. Nephilim will come out on top. You’ll fulfill your vow to the Black Hand and be safe. This is my priority even if the cost is my life. I suspect this will make you angry. It may be hard to forgive me. I promised that we would be together at the end of this and you may resent me for the breaking that vow. I want you to know I did everything to keep my word. As I write this I am going over ever possibility that will see us through this. I hope I find a way. But if this choice I have to make comes down to your or me, I choose you.

I always have.

All my love,

Becca Fitzpatrick, Finale

Kiera Cass
“Maxon, some of those marks are on your back so they wouldn’t be on mine, and I love you for them.”

He stopped breathing for a second. “What did you say?”

I smiled. “I love you.”

“One more time, please? I just—”

I took his face in both of my hands. “Maxon Schreave, I love you. I love you.”

“And I love you, America Singer. With all that I am, I love you.”
Kiera Cass, The One

Kiera Cass
“He sighed contentedly. “How are you feeling, my dear?”

“I feel like punching you for calling me ‘my dear’ mostly.” I poked his bare stomach.

Smiling, he crawled to sit over me. “Fine then. My darling? My pet? My love?”

“Any of those would work, so long as you’ve reserved it solely for me,” I said, my hands mindlessly wandering his chest, his arms. “What am I supposed to call you?”

“Your Royal Husbandness. It’s required by law, I’m afraid.”
Kiera Cass, The One

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