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Blood Hunt
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by Jessica Wayne (Goodreads Author)
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"Jessica Wayne is a new-to-me author. My thanks to Tantor Audio for the ALC. The narrators are doing a good job of pulling me into the story." Jun 14, 2021 12:43AM

Book cover for Creatus Series Boxed Set (Creatus #1-3)
Derrick thought Michael hated all humans. He didn’t. He just wasn’t willing to let any human jeopardize their way of life, nor would he let a creatus for that matter. He planned to do his job to the fullest, whatever it took.
Ok that's good to know as I had doubts about Michael's feelings for humans too.
Dianne Duvall
“Dagon studied her, trying to ignore the unconsciously smooth sway of her hips and focus instead on the myriad of questions that mentally bombarded him.

She glanced up and caught him staring. “What?”

“You aren’t at all intimidated by my soldiers, are you?”

“No. Should I be?”

“They are all fierce warriors.”

She grinned. “I am, too.”

Had she been another, he might have laughed. She seemed so small and delicate. But he knew what she had been through, what she had suffered and survived. He’d read the accounts of the Lasarans who credited her with saving their lives. And she had incapacitated Adaos while so weak she could barely stand.

He thought fierce an apt description for her.”
Dianne Duvall, The Segonian

Dianne Duvall
“Reaching across the table, he clasped Eliana’s free hand.

She gave it a grateful squeeze. “Not much of a dinner companion, am I? I’ve barely said a thing all evening.”

He smoothed his thumb across her soft skin. “Quiet doesn’t trouble me when I’m with you, MILESSIA.”
Dianne Duvall, The Segonian

Dianne Duvall
“The infirmary door slid up.

Maarev poked his head out. He glanced up and down the hallway, inspected the walls, then focused on Dagon and Eliana, still standing in each other’s arms. He arched a brow. “Just thought I’d check to see if Eliana was out here punching holes in the walls. We have a wager going.”

She offered him a wry smile. “No. Dagon calmed me down.”

A twinkle of amusement entered the warrior’s eyes as he stepped out. “So I see. With a hug, apparently.”

Liden joined them in the hallway. A boyish grin lit his rugged features as he held out his arms. “Need any more calming down?”

She laughed . . . even as a low growl of irritation rumbled up from Dagon’s throat. “No, thank you.” Reluctantly stepping back, she took Dagon’s hand and twined her fingers through his. “We have a saying on Earth: Go big or go home.” She tossed Dagon—the tallest man present—a wink. “I’m going big.”

He grinned.”
Dianne Duvall, The Segonian

Dianne Duvall
“You aren’t going to insist that you and the guys go in—guns blazing—while I remain behind, are you?”

“DREK no.”

She studied him intently. “Really?”

He nodded. “After seeing the strength you displayed earlier and the skills you exhibited while training with my men, not to mention the amazing speed you revealed while leaping up to the escape pod’s hatch . . .” His lips quirked up. “I’m not at all reluctant to admit you’re our greatest asset, Eliana. Unless you object to us using you as a weapon . . .”

“Hell no, I don’t object,” she declared, thrilled that he valued her skills. “Just point me in the right direction.”
Dianne Duvall, The Segonian

Dianne Duvall
“Every time Eliana grinned or chuckled, warmth suffused him and stretched his lips in a smile. And every time she bumped his arm with her shoulder or nudged him with her elbow, little tingles raced along his flesh and stole his breath. How would she respond if he suddenly interrupted her and told her she made him feel like a youth experiencing his first infatuation?

That he felt young at all amazed him. His arduous climb up the chain of command had been a long one peppered with both wins AND losses that had taken their toll. Yet now, as Eliana nudged him again with her elbow and stared up at him with her pretty brown eyes full of amusement, he fought the desire to reach out, twine his fingers through hers, and swing their arms between them in a rare boyish burst of joy.”
Dianne Duvall, The Segonian

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