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Andy  Marr
“Katie had soft features and a wide, honest smile that gave her a certain kind of understated grace. She’d worn her dark chocolate hair in a cute pixie cut when I’d met her, but she’d recently started to grow it out, and now fought endlessly with several unruly strands of hair that fell down over her eyes whenever she made the slightest move. She was charming and teasing and sweet and funny, and in the three months since her first visit even the most cynical of the hotel’s regular customers had fallen a little bit in love with her.”
Andy Marr, Hunger for Life

Andy  Marr
“In the past few months, all these public exchanges, all the countless social dealings that made up the fabric of the day, had come to seem incredibly difficult. I tried desperately to fit in, but for the most part I was only physically present, attempting to match my facial expressions to the people around me while my mind drifted back to Emma in her hospital room.”
Andy Marr, Hunger for Life

Janci Patterson
“shoes were for making your feet more comfortable, not less.”
Janci Patterson, A Thousand Faces

Jiddu Krishnamurti
“To see wholly, the brain has to be in a state of negation. Negation is not the opposite of the positive; all opposites are related within the fold of each other. Negation has no opposite. The brain has to be in a state of negation for total seeing; it must not interfere, with its evaluations and justifications, with its condemnations and defences. It has to be still, not made still by compulsion of any kind, for then it is a dead brain, merely imitating and conforming. When it is in a state of negation, it is choicelessly still. Only then is there total seeing. In this total seeing which is the quality of the mind, there is no seer, no observer, no experiencer; there's only seeing. The mind then is completely awake.”
Jiddu Krishnamurti, Krishnamurti's Notebook

Kevin A. Kuhn
“Not all the best memories are happy memories. Sometimes when you learn about the world, it’s through pain and loss.”
Kevin A. Kuhn, Ten Tales of a Dark Tomorrow

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