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Death Cloud
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Darren Shan
“Ever hear of the phrase, Banging you're head on a brick wall?"
Ah, but you forget, Darren, vampires can break brick walls with their heads.”
Darren Shan, Hunters of the Dusk

Darren Shan
“Even in death may you triumphant”
Darren Shan

Darren Shan
“She was a beautiful woman." Gavner sighed, tracing the outline of one of the elephants. "She just had very bad taste in underwear …"
"And in boyfriends," I added impishly.
Mr. Crepsley burst into laughter at that”
Darren Shan, Vampire Mountain

Darren Shan
“Real life's nasty. It's cruel. It doesn't care about heroes and happy endings and the way things should be. In real life, bad things happen. People die. Fights are lost. Evil often wins.”
Darren Shan

Darren Shan
“Stick it up your crack, you warped son of a mutant b*tch!”
Darren Shan, Lord Loss

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